Joining the Mysterious Cult of Scentsy

Once the readers of the Down Town Frame Up Blog migrated from Utah to Vancouver (see previous blogs) they made an attempt to familiarize themselves in their new surroundings. They knew that they had escaped the immediate danger of water damage but they remained in an uneasy state always looking over their shoulder, waiting for the other shoe to drop and vaguely expecting the water damage (or some other danger) to make an appearance and impact their existence. What they really needed was something to ground them and allow them to live peacefully within this new and by all appearances safe but uncertain reality.

Not soon after the readers of the Down Town Frame Up blog arrived in Vancouver they were approached by the indigenous inhabitants. Relations between the two camps were cautious at first. Both parties were doing their best not to appear overtly hostile to the other camp. Now, this indigenous population were practitioners of a secret faith. Many members of this indigenous population sought to convert the readers of the Down Town Frame Up Blog to their mysterious beliefs and practices. The way this attempted conversion would typically take place was that the indigenous person would sneak up behind the Down Town Frame Up Blog reader an whisper in their ear, “Join Scentsy.”

Not surprisingly, the Down Town Frame Up Blog reader naturally reacted with a confused state of mind. What did this indigenous person mean when they said, “Join Scentsy?” Was this Scentsy some sort of cult? Are the beliefs and practices of this Scentsy compatible with the morals and life view of the Down Town Frame Up Blog readers? Many, many questions and conflicting ideas swirled within their minds. Over time, this practice began to harvest results. Little by little the Down Town Frame Up Blog readers began to join this mysterious cult called Scentsy.