The Mystery of Life

The Down Town Frame Up Blog readers have read the signs and banners foretelling them of the impending disaster. The impending disaster came with untold swiftness. In the aftermath of the disaster the Down Town Frame Up Blog readers who survived picked themselves up and moved from their original home in Utah to the city on the hill called Vancouver. Once in Vancouver the surviving population encountered the indigenous population. Many of these people were members of the mysterious cult. This cult was attractive to the ex-Utah survivors because they felt insecure as a result of the trauma they had suffered in their place of origin.

As a result, some of the survivors joined the cult but many did not. Those who joined the cult soon learned that although they no longer felt insecure about impending water damage they now encountered a new form of insecurity. This time the insecurity revolved around the prospect of being outsourced to some other cult. Understandably this does not make a lot of sense but our information is based upon fragmentary sources. Those who did not join the cult created an SEO company located in Salt Lake City that they remotely controlled from Vancouver.

The SEO company hired a content creator for whom they wrote a bio for the company’s website wherein the content creator’s name was purposefully spelled incorrectly. The content creator tried to rectify this situation to no avail. For some unknown reason as mysterious as the cult itself the content creator’s name had to be spelled incorrectly and the reason for this misspelling also had to remain a mystery. There are no signs and banners on the wall explaining the purpose of this. Nor will there ever be. The underlying point behind all these installments of this story is that there remains a certain mystery to life always.