The Mystery of the Misspelled Name…

Our story continues. By now it should be well established that the Readers of the Down Town Frame Up Blog moved from Utah to Vancouver to escape the uncertainty of the damage that water had caused them. Although they found Vancouver to be an improvement over Utah they still could not shake this existential sense of uncertainty that their traumatic experiences in Utah had caused. To deal with this existential angst some Down Town Frame Up Blog readers joined the cult of Scentsy which was a powerful movement amongst the indigenous inhabitants of Vancouver. Others chose to remain outside the cult and come to terms with the uncertainty. And even those who joined the cult were not able to entirely escape the uncertainty either as is evidenced by the fragmentary documentary evidence in our possession which indicates an underlying anxiety related to being outsourced to another cult entirely.

And so existence continued as it always does. The Vancouverian society was largely split down the middle between those who joined or were already members of the Scentsy cult and those who were not and these two groups managed to coexist on a largely peaceful basis for a period of time.

One day, however, it came to pass that the non cult members decided to start an SEO Salt Lake City business. Although they were physically located in Vancouver they were able to operate this business remotely through the magic of the internet. One of the first steps in operating this SEO Salt Lake City business was to hire a content creator. Once the content creator was hired it became necessary to write his bio and put it on the company website. For reasons that remain as mysterious as the cult of Scentsy, however, it became also necessary to spell the name of the content creator incorrectly. The reasons for this strategy remained unknown for quite some time to come.