State Regulation of Concealed Carry

Many readers of the Down Town Frame Up Blog are interested in the various regulations regarding the carrying of a concealed firearm among the several United State of America. It is for this expressed interest (as is evidenced by the amount of mail receive on a weekly basis regarding this subject) that the editorial board of the Down Town Frame Up Blog decided to write the blog post that you are now reading. In particular (interestingly enough) many of our readers are interested in the regulations as to the state of Texas license to carry.

A comprehensive overview of all the states’ various regulations is clearly beyond the scope of a three hundred word blog post. However, what can be done within these rhetorical constraints is provide an ever so brief thumb nail sketch of a certain aspect of these regulations. For example, the authorities who issue¬†a license to carry a firearm are prohibited from denying a license arbitrarily in 39 of the 50 United States of America. Nine states require the applicant to demonstrate specific need to carry a firearm. These nine states vary as to how strict they are in issuing a license. Two states (Alaska and Vermont) allow adults without felony criminal records to carry a concealed weapon as a matter of right.

Down Town Frame Up Blog readers are well aware that the Texas license to carry regulations are among the least strict in the nation. It is for this reason that the readers of the Down Town Frame Up Blog (who originally came from Utah and moved to Vancouver because of the water damage inflicted upon them) have traveled to Texas to obtain a license to carry a firearm. The reason being that the regulations regarding the concealed carry of a firearm in the state of Washington are considerably more strict.