Make it Your New Years Resolution to Join Scentsy

untitledDowntown Frame up recommends its readers to join Scentsy in the year 2017. Despite the fact that multi level marketing strategies (sometimes called pyramid schemes) can be challenging for some of the independent sales consultants they employ, many independent sales consultants absolutely thrive in this environment and go on to make a great deal of money in the process.

The basic strategy is simple. There are two basic ways that an independent sales consultant can earn money in this process. The first is through actual sales to customers. This is often accomplished by holding Scentsy parties where the independent sales consultant will invite friends, neighbors or co-workers to attend and experience Scentsy products first hand.

Recruit New Sales Consultants to Join Scentsy

However, the second and far more lucrative method for an independent sales consultant to earn money through Scentsy is to recruit new independent sales consultants. According to the rules of a multi level marketing strategy, any independent sales consultant who recruits a new independent sales consultant will recieve a commission. These commissions can start to add up into serious money after those newly recruited independent sales consultants recruit new independent sales consultants because at that point another commission is earned. This process continues on making the people higher up the pyramid more and more money.

The reason why multi level marketing or pyramid schemes tend to get a bad reputation is that not everyone thrives in this environment. According to simple mathematics the number of new recruits needed to keep the pyramid going eventally exceeds the entire population of the earth after a few generations of recruiting. All that said, there can be no denying that some people actually do make a lot of money in the process but it definitely requires a great deal of effort and hustle.