Workplace Safety Signage, Its Types, and Its Lesser-Known Benefits

Workplace safety is very important and it is crucial to ascertain safety information is communicated clearly to everyone entering the workplace. Safety signage for your business is an important feature and is a communication tool. Signage is a reference point for staff and is the simplest way to instill in the minds of the workers the value of maintaining safety for themselves and everyone around them. This is essential for public and employee safety.

Positioning Safety Signage

The hazards and dangers of each work area vary. Thus, there is a need for proper signs to ascertain your staff is alert about the hazard and potential dangers of your workplace in any given area. Thus, the hazard or danger sign must be placed in that particular area.

Remember there is no use of creating signs and sticking them. This is because it will stay forever and over time results in sign blindness. The workplace safety messages must always remain fresh in the minds of everyone and so change the safety signs locations in every few months within the designated areas. In fact, safety signage should be positioned wherever possible so that an overall safe working environment is created.

Different Safety Signage Types

Signs play a crucial role in preventing accidents, injuries, and sickness. Thus, they keep the guests, and the entire workforce safe. Such signboards must be designed from expert sign companies salt lake city so that they make it interesting to not miss anyone’s sight. These signs should provide warnings of hazards and dangers instruct people on preventing dangerous situations and tell the way to handle the perilous conditions. It should also direct people the action to be followed in case of a crisis or disaster.

Know the Shapes

  • Triangle-Indicates warning or caution
  • Rectangle or Square- displays general information or emergency
  • Circle- indicates a recommended or mandatory action to follow


  • Red- indicates a potential of direct danger, designating emergency equipment areas
  • Yellow- alerts to take precautionary steps to ascertain safety
  • Green- designates evacuation routes and emergency equipment locations
  • Blue- reveals mandatory instructions accompanies the warning or danger signs

Use all the shapes, types, and colors to have an effective and complete safety system.

Safety Signage Materials

The safety signage popular materials are aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl, and plastic. These materials have its perks such that it is durable, resistant to abrasions and chemical, and weather-resistant.

As per signs salt lake city companies, it is observed that reflective vinyl is durable and appropriate as best signage material. This can be used outdoors and indoors, besides it can be cut into preferred safety shapes and offers the benefit of handling weather elements. The reflective properties are great directional signs offering a sharp contrast that these vinyl reflective signs are visible at night easily.

You may reduce injuries and accidents by complying with legal obligations. The sign companies salt lake city may visit the website of occupational health administration and safety that provides rules of safety signage along with specifications to follow.

Here are some lesser known safety signage workplace advantages:

Reflects your devotion to safety

Having safety tags assist in determining the attitude towards safety. It also reveals your devotion to spreading the safety word. Employ signboards in the workplace offering clear communication, besides it should be designed and positioned carefully.

Spreads message efficiently

The signage carries messages, especially the safety signs making it easy to understand for the viewers. Generally, it includes direct messages in a bold manner in simple language. This may be warnings about emergency measures, potential hazards, and safety practices related to workplace operations.

Reduces employer’s responsibility

A workplace having safety signs does not ascertain nil accidents. There may be accidents even due to slight negligence. Yet, keeping safety tags in the workplace makes the employer less responsible for the accident and injuries.

Promotes safety consciousness

Having safety posters within the workplace assures safety consciousness to a high level. Every employee working will take these safety issues seriously and also practice the same. adding to this, when the employees find the workplace safe and the employers concern regarding safety, they turn as loyal and happy workforce who are always productive and satisfying.