OCP Uniforms

A Guide on the OCP Uniforms, Their Contribution, and the Fabrics Used

Military OCP uniforms are a distinctive dress, standardized that it distinguishes the soldier from civilians. The fact stays that there are psychological implications regarding military uniforms. This includes appearance, style, and color, insignia, and decorations.

OCP uniforms contribution

The OCP uniforms together contribute to discipline and orderliness. It also adds to the sense of camaraderie, esprit de corps, and cohesion. The features contribute to patriotic formal displays. The human other factors that relate are functionality, practicality, comfort, utility, and body protection, which highlights the soldier’s performance. The OCP uniforms design pattern reveals a sort of integration and helps in protecting the wearer.

Uniform fabrics

These uniforms are different. The textiles undergo challenges. It is because they are worn by the combatting teams. It should provide durability, protection, and comfort in hostile environments. The clothing system of the solider should be lighter, comfortable, and more breathable. There is no compromise on operational capabilities and ergonomics.

The military involves physical activity at high levels in various environments. Thus, the military clothing system should safeguard the wearer from the operational environment impacts and should be capable of dissipating moisture and heat. Military clothing should provide essential comfort. Besides the clothing, the helmets that are for head protection is equally important for military missions.

Durable flame retardant

Initial military uniforms of the US were 50/50 nylon/cotton fabric and did not have flame retardant features. Owing to the low reactivity of the nylon containing fabric, making it flame retardant was not easy. The finishing of flame retardant of the nylon fabrics is an approach that is not exploited owing to its poor durability.

Thus, to have the right combination as flame retardant, there is a need for cotton blends, such that it should be in the majority. The OCP uniforms have the commercial cotton blends used such that it has flame retardant treatments.