How Texas License to Carry Interrupts Scrooge’s Christmas Lesson

When the holiday period of the year rolls around my thoughts always turn to “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. This year, given the uptick in violence the United States of America has experienced, particularly in the area of gun violence, unfortunately my thoughts turn to what would be the reaction of the average citizen in the event of a nocturnal home invasion of the type experienced by Ebenezer Scrooge. Now, it is very true that Mr. Scrooge lived in London, England circa 1843 and not Austin, Texas circa 2016. So it is not unsurprising that Mr. Scrooge did not possess a Texas license to carry a firearm.

One has to wonder however, how might Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” be different if Mr. Scrooge did possess a Texas license to carry a firearm. I am fairly certain that the Ghost of Jacob Marley would have received a couple of shots to the head or torso. Of course when Mr. Marley visited Mr. Scrooge his body was non corporeal. As such the hypothetical bullets discharged from Mr. Scrooge’s fire arm would likely have no effect on the specter himself. The walls of the room behind Mr. Marley and any other objects that happened to be placed behind his spectral body would probably be damaged by the gun fire. Moreover, the neighbors would probably call the police to investigate.

If all this transpired the plot of “A Christmas Carol” would probably have ended quite differently. If the police were to arrive at Mr. Scrooge’s residence later that night the subsequent visits by the three ghosts would probably have been interrupted. Now if those visits were interrupted by a police investigation one has to wonder whether the lessons they intended to impart upon Mr. Scrooge would have ever been imparted and without those lessons Mr. Scrooge would have probably forever missed his opportunity to reform.