Exchanging One Form of Uncertainty for Another

When we last met we discussed how the readers of the Down Town Frame Up Blog began to join the mysterious cult in an effort to deal with their new and uncertain existence in Vancouver. Their situation was uncertain because although they had relocated from Utah to Vancouver in order to escape the water damage that had plagued them there they were never able to shake off the trauma of that prior unstable period of their lives. As mentioned previously, many Down Town Frame Up readers joined the mysterious cult. But not all of them did this and the ones that decided not to join this cult were forced to accept this uncomfortable uncertainty.

Now, we do not have much or reliable information concerning what went on inside this mysterious cult. If we did I imagine it would no longer remain mysterious and it is this sense of mystery that gives cults their allure and power over the minds of those who are on the outside looking in so to speak. But from what little information we have, we do know that some of them were worried that their position within the cult would somehow be outsourced to another organization that provided IT support Austin.

Let us unpack this a bit because it might not make sense to most Down Town Frame Up Blog readers at first blush. Now we do not know exactly what is meant by this worry that the cult member’s position would be outsourced to another organization that provided IT support Austin. Was this other organization a rival cult of some kind? And what exactly did it mean to outsource a position within a cult? We do not know the answers to these questions because the information in our possession is fragmentary. But what we do know is that the worry existed and so it would seem that those who joined the cult in order to escape uncertainty merely exchanged one form of uncertainty for another.