When Content Creators and Maid Services Agree

It all started in Utah. The Down Town Frame Up Blog readers lived a an austere but by all accounts happy life there for generations. Like all happy times, they remain happy until suddenly they are no longer happy. This is what happened when the great flood caused untold water damage and forced them to relocate to the city of Vancouver. Once in this new location the population felt safe but always remembered the trauma they had suffered and remained in a state of heightened vigilance to guard against another similar tragedy.

It was then that the Down Town Frame Up Blog readers who were aliens in a new land encountered the strange and mysterious cult of Scentsy. Some chose to join this cult as a means of dealing with their existential angst. Other chose to remain outside (as it were) and embrace the uncertainty. But it came to be known that those who had joined the cult found a new form of uncertainty to contend with in the form of the fear of being outsourced to another cult. Those that remained on the outside formed an SEO company located in Salt Lake City that they remotely operated from Vancouver. The company itself was located in a building that required cleaning from time to time and so they hired a maid service Salt Lake City to perform this service.

Meanwhile, the non cult members in Vancouver hired a content creator for whom they wrote a bio wherein his name had been misspelled and placed this bio on the company’s website. Despite the numerous attempts on the part of the content creator to have this issue fixed the members of the non cult refused. The content creator wondered if there was a purpose behind this and so did the maid service Salt Lake City (surprisingly).